Maintenance Audits look at the quality of maintenance and performance of in-service lifts. The inspection will focus on:

Pre-handover Inspections survey new or refurbished lift installations to ensure that work has been carried out to specification, standards and a satisfactory standard of workmanship, prior to the lift installation being accepted from the lift contractor.

Witness Test & Snagging Inspections take place during the final testing of a lift installation; all safety critical tests are witnessed and a snagging report of all outstanding items that require attention before the lift can go into service is produced.

images-(3)End of Defect Liability Inspections survey a new or refurbished lift installation just prior to the end of its defect liability period. This will ascertain whether the lift has been maintained correctly during this period and that there are no outstanding items that need to be addressed by the lift contractor under the defect liability.

Project Management of Lift Refurbishment or Renewal includes an initial independent inspection to ascertain the level of work required, writing of specification, tender analysis, site progress and health & safety checks during installation work, liaison with lift contractor, witness testing and snagging on completion of work and the issue of a completion certificate when all work has been carried out satisfactorily. We can also advise you on all technical aspects with regard to inspection on all types of lifting equipment.

Demo- MMS - ©2014 - MMS System Home PagePlant owners can invest significant money in plant and without the correct maintenance procedures and inspection frequency they can expect breakdowns and possible prosecution.