Lifting Equipment Definition:

Lifting equipment is used for lowering and lifting loads. It includes the attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting equipment such as cranes, lifts, excavators and lift trucks. Typical items of plant include excavators, lift trucks, mobile elevating work platforms, gantry / chain blocks and mobile cranes.



Typical Systems Include

  • Conveyor systems which are mostly powered by diesel engines or an electricity supply
  • Tractors are found in a variety of industrial applications and can be fitted with many different attachments which may cause them to require consideration as lifting equipment
  • Bulldozers – these purpose built machines are used primarily in the construction industry
  • Escalators – Escalators are not deemed to be lifting equipment within the law but are referred to in the workplace, health and safety and welfare regulations.  Escalators are potentially very dangerous machines with many trapping and tripping hazards.