HSA Five Year Plan for the Healthcare Sector 2010-2014

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  • To engage with key stakeholders to ensure a complementary, coordinated and consistent approach to occupational safety, health and welfare at work in the healthcare sector.
  • To ensure continued improvements in safety, health and welfare in the healthcare sector through the provision of targeted inspections, investigations and enforcement action, as appropriate.
  • To influence the content and uptake of education and training in relation to safety, health and welfare both within the healthcare sector and in education courses which prepare entrants to the sector.
  • To produce guidance and implement appropriate intervention tools to assist in assessing and controlling risk associated with the healthcare sector.
  • To improve the quality of information and intelligence available on workforce safety, health and welfare in the healthcare sector to ensure effective interventions and the most appropriate use of resources.
  • To raise awareness of occupational hazards, legal obligations and the importance of occupational safety, health and welfare in increasing productivity and reducing lost time at work.

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